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Dynasty Warriors Unleashed – Missing Or Lost Equipment? Read It!

Do you find your useful weapons and armors missing in your Inventory in Dynasty Warriors Unleashed? May be you might have invested much of your efforts and resources in upgrading your valuable gold weapons or legendary weapons or some 5 star or 6 star armors but suddenly you find them accidentally lost or missing from your inventory. This could be a really stressful condition and that is why in this post we are going to explain the real cause behind it so that you can prevent your valuable equipments from going missing in Dynasty Warriors Unleashed.

Dynasty Warriors Unleashed Missing Equipment

So what is the reason that you lost your weapon or armor from your inventory? Well, you might have encountered this issue only when you try to replace your equipments instead of removing them from your officers. Lets say you have a 5 star Lu Bu officer who is equipped with a 3 star legendary weapon. Now you might have acquired a better weapon (like a 5 star legendary weapon) than this 3 star weapon which is already equipped on your Lu Bu. So you go ahead and replace that 3 star weapon with the 5 star weapon. This is where the issue arises. Right after you replace the 3 star weapon, you will find that it is missing or lost from your inventory and you can no longer find it anywhere, in short your replaced equipment is deleted from your account, permanently!

dynasty warriors unleashed missing weapon

The reason this happens is because the game has released an update according to which, if you replace an already equipped equipment on your officer then it is permanently deleted from your account and doesn’t goes back into your inventory. It doesn’t matters if your weapon or armor is already locked, it will still get deleted because you will have to unlock your equipment in order to replace it with a new one.

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dynasty warriors unleashed missing equipment

So what should you do to prevent your equipments from going missing? Well, you must always “Remove” your equipment instead of replacing it. If you remove your equipments then it will cost you Ingots but that is what you need to always do if you don’t want to lose your precious weapons and armors. There are ways to get Ingots in the game but upgrading an equipment takes much more time and effort and that it why you can’t afford to lose them because there is no way to recover your lost equipment.

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