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Dynasty Warriors Unleashed – Elements Explained (Guide)!

In Dynasty Warriors Unleashed, Elements are a really important topic for you to understand. Its not really a complicated subject but not knowing about it can be a big disadvantage for you in this game. Its a pretty simple and straightforward topic and in this post we are going to explain about it in the most easiest way possible to understand for gamers of all levels.

Dynasty Warriors Unleashed Elements

Elements in Dynasty Warriors Unleashed are like a “Type” or “Attribute” of an officer which determines many things in the game like, against which characters he/she is more stronger/weaker, how strong he/she is by default (natural base stats) and how stronger (max stats) he/she can get by leveling up.

dynasty warriors unleashed elements

There are 3 types of elements available in Dynasty Warriors Unleashed which are Water, Fire and Wood. Each and every character you get in the game, will belong to one of these 3 elements. You can identify them by their special symbols on their stats or officers screen.

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Each element is stronger and weaker against other element and you might need to change your team accordingly before going on a mission. That is why you should have at least 1 maxed out officers for each element.

dynasty warriors unleashed elements guide

Element type hugely affects the max stats of a character. For example Zhang He has 3 star naturally as a Water element, 1 Star as a Fire element and 2 star as a Wood element. Now you might be thinking that a Water element type Zhang He is the best and strongest since he will have a 3 star rank by default, but that is not the case. It is not always necessary that a character who has good rank naturally will have a great stats when axed out. To identify the actual possible max strength of your character you need to check out the officers’ tier list. There you can see max stats and many more informations about each and every character in the game. It will help you decide which characters you should upgrade and which ones you should not focus on.

So that is all you need to learn about Dynasty Warriors Unleashed Elements. Hope this simple guide helped you learn about this important subject in the game. Make sure to share this post with your friends at whatsapp, facebook and twitter using the social media buttons below.

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