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Power Rangers Legacy Wars – How To Battle With Friends!

Power Rangers Legacy Wars is a really cool game and you might be wanting to enjoy this game with your close friends. So how do you battle with your friends in Power Rangers Legacy Wars? Well, in this post we will show you what you need to do to play with your friends in this game, so let’s see how to do it.

power rangers legacy wars how to battle with friends

Currently the game does not provides or mentions about a direct way to play against your friends. However there are some players who claim that they have been able to successfully battle with their friends in real time, not just once but twice! They also told about what they did in order to achieve it, so let’s see exactly what you need to do to greatly increase the chances of finding and battling with your friend in the PvP.

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  • Be Online At The Same time – This is the most obvious one of course. Both of you need to be online at the same time, only then the game can find your friend and match him with you to battle with them in real time. So inform your friend (fastest way might be to inform using the alliance chat in the game) when you are online and going to play the game. You can also use whatsapp to confirm that both of you are online. When your friend confirms that he is online at the game, then enter the PvP mode at the same time and you will have a greater and higher chance of finding him as your opponent.
  • Be In The Same Alliance – However its not officially mentioned, but being in the same Alliance means that you are friends with each other and this can greatly increase your chances of being matched up with your friend in PvP. So make sure you ask all your friends to join your alliance before you could expect to battle with them.

power rangers legacy wars battle with friends

  • Same Power Ratings – Players who were successful in playing with their friends, mentioned that the most important factor was that they and their friends were at almost same power ratings. So this is an important point, if your friend has a much higher or much lower power rating than yours, then you can expect to battle with him. So its better to help your your weak friends in your alliance by donating them zeo shards of their desired warriors, so that they can increase their power ratings and play against you.

You just follow the above mentioned three rules and you will definitely be able to battle with your friends in Power Rangers Legacy Wars. Also check out our post on how to get free power crystals in the game.

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