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PR Legacy Wars – How To Instantly Find & Join Open Alliances!

If you have been trying to join an alliance in Power Rangers Legacy Wars then you might know that how hard it is to find an alliance which has “Open” status. Right now, most of the alliances you will find in the game will either be “Full”, closed for any more players or be “Invite Only”. We don’t recommend you to join alliances who have “Invite Only” status (unless the alliance owner knows you already) because you don’t know how long it will take for them to notice your request (many players claim their join request being pending for more than 3 days and even after that they get disapproved). Another reason is that there is currently a bug in the game where you are unable to cancel your join request! So you will get struck in the alliance and will no longer be able to request or join any other alliance, which is scary! The developers might fix this bug in the coming weeks or so but right now this bug is there.

It’s sad to know that even players who are in League 2 or 3 with high Medals count are not being accepted or able to join any alliance. Most of the times when you try to join an alliance, you will get a message like in the image below.

power rangers legacy wars how to join alliance

If you are such a player then this post can be really helpful for you. So let’s see exactly how to instantly find and join an “Open” alliance in power rangers legacy wars.

How To Find Open Alliances

Your best choice is to search for an alliance which has some space for more players and also has an “Open” status, so that you can instantly join that alliance and start getting and donating shards to level up your warriors fast. In this post we are going to show you a method using which you can quickly find such alliances. Most of them will be really active alliances and will also have “Open” status. Below is how to search for such alliances.

To find an alliance which you can instantly join, you need to do something different than others. Most of the players when go to alliance search, will search will alphabets like “a”, “e”, “s”. etc. These are pretty common search terms and almost everyone searches using these alphabets, that’s why the alliances obtained using these searches are already filled because they have been seen by so many players already. So using the search terms like mentioned above, you will see results like in the image below.

power rangers legacy wars open alliance

Text Example

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However if you use a simple search trick which is different than others then you can find unlimited open alliances to join. So if we search with terms which almost nobody uses then you will find alliances which nobody has found till now. Like if we search for letter “z” (which very few or nobody searches with) you get results like in the image below.

power rangers legacy wars how to find open alliance

See the open alliances (marked in red) in the image above. You can also go a bit above that and search with something like “si”, so you get results like in the image below.

power rangers legacy wars how to find alliance


So you see how quickly and easily you can find numerous open alliances to choose from. Be a little creative and different from the crowd in your search and you will get several open alliances to choose from.

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