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Dynasty Warriors Unleashed – Ladder of Glory Mode Details

A new game mode called “Ladder of Glory” has been added in Dynasty Warriors Unleashed. In this post we are going to take a look at this new mode and explain you about various aspects of this new and interesting mode in the game.

Ladder of Glory is a game mode in Dynasty Warriors Unleashed where your aim is to collect as many stars as possible. There will be a total of 50 levels in this mode and you can collect a maximum of three stars from each stage. Each level will have unique targets to be achieved by the players in order to collect 3 stars. Players can collect a maximum of 150 stars each day.

dynasty warriors unleashed ladder of glory

Ladder of Glory Rewards

You will be able to unlock and collect rewards as you reach new milestones by collecting more stars. Like in the image below you can see that the reward for collecting 30 stars has been claimed and the next reward can be claimed on collecting a total of 60 stars.

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dynasty warriors unleashed ladder of glory mode

If you are wondering what exactly do you get as a reward for accumulating all those stars then you will be really happy to know that you get Legendary Weapon Materials and Legendary Weapon Fragments for accumulating stars and you can then exchange these Legendary Weapon Materials and Fragments for a unique Legendary Weapon.

dynasty warriors unleashed ladder of glory rewards

Although the rewards can be claimed only once per day but the great thing is that you can play the Ladder of Glory mode again on the next day after the game server reset time. This mode resets everyday at 00:00 EST. So don’t worry if you could not clear a certain stage on a particular day because you can try again on the next day.

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