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Dynasty Warriors Unleashed – Spending 24K Ingots On Magical Edict!

Hello friends! everyone is looking for 5 star and 6 star characters in Dynasty Warriors Unleashed and that is why most players expect to get them from the Magical Edict in the game which costs 3000 Ingots. So in this post we are going to show you what tiers of officers a user got by spending 24,000 ingots on Magical Edicts! Yes, that’s crazy but a user actually spent that many ingots and it will be really interesting to see what officers did he got.

As you might know that using these edicts you can summon a total of 11 officers which would range from 3 stars to 6 stars. You actually get 10 officers with this addict but the game provides you an additional bonus character which is guaranteed to be at least 4 star or above.

dynasty warriors unleashed magical edict opening

The great thing is that the user who spent 24,000 ingots got many interesting characters like Wang Yuanji, Sun Ce, Yue Jin, Lu Bu, Cao Cao, Li Dian, Guan Ping, Cai Wenji, Wang Yi and others. But did he actually got any 5 star or the most rarest 6 stars? If yes, then how many of those did he got from opening so many magical edicts?

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dynasty warriors unleashed spending ingots

It was pretty interesting to see the summons it gave a great insight about what you can expect to get out of these edicts. You can watch the actual video below where the user spent all his 24k ingots on the edicts. You will definitely enjoy the video so make sure to watch it till the end (its just a few minutes long video).


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