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Dynasty Warriors Unleashed – Get 50,000 Coins In Under 2 Minutes!

In Dynasty Warriors Unleashed, Coins are the most valuable item. This is because they are used extensively for leveling up officers. You need thousands of coins if you don’t want to stop your officers’ progress. There are a few ways in the game for farming coins but in this post we are going to show you an incredible step by step method to get more than 50,000 coins in less than 2 minutes! This is the best ever coins farming trick in Dynasty Warriors Unleashed, so let’s check it out.

How To Get 50,000 Coins In Dynasty Warriors Unleashed

This method was actually shared by a user through a video tutorial, so all credit goes to him. In his video he shows a method to get 50,000+ coins by using the “Daily Trial” mode which can be found under “Challenges” section. There you need to play the “Wooden Ox” in Elite mode.

dynasty warriors unleashed coins farming

In Wooden Ox mode you are required to destroy as many wooden ox as possible within the provided time limit. The more ox you can destroy, the more coins you will get.

The user recommends three specific officers for the maximum benefit. Surprisingly, in his tutorial he uses just one 6 star officer which is Lu Lingqi, a 4 star Wang Yuanji and a 2 star Dong Zhuo (level 20). Wang Yuanji is used for destroying small ox while Dong Zhuo is used for bigger ox.

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The Method – As soon as the battle starts, you need to summon Wang Yuanji to destroy small ox. She works really well for this purpose because her normal attack has auto aim so she automatically destroys the ox.

dynasty warriors unleashed get more coins

After sometime, you will see a giant wooden Ox coming, now you need to quickly switch to Dong Zhuo and attack the giant Ox. Make sure to also use his first skill whenever its available. This giant wooden ox will provide you the maximum coins!

dynasty warriors unleashed how to get coins

When the giant ox will pass away you will find some more small ox coming. You need to now instantly switch again to Wang Yuanji to destroy a few more ox. That’s it! The user followed the exact same method explained above and collected a total of 54,810 coins in just 1 minutes and 30 seconds.

dynasty warriors unleashed fastest coins farming

He then played one more round and this time he collected even more coins than the previous run. You can watch his complete video tutorial below for a much better understanding and walkthrough of this method. This is a really valuable coins farming guide and you should not miss it!


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