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Power Rangers Legacy Wars – How To Get Free Power Crystals (Guide)

In Power Rangers Legacy Wars, Power Crystals are the single most important currency in the game. They are used for so many purposes in the game and if you have enough quantity of these in your account then your game progress will be much better than others. So in this post we are going to show you how you can get Power Crystals in the game and then some tips on the best way to utilize them to your maximum benefit. So here we go.

Uses of Power Crystals

Before we look at how to get power crystals, let’s take a minute to check out their uses in the game so that you know all the ways you can spend your crystals in the game.

  • Opening Morph Boxes – There are several types of Morph Boxes in the game which provide you different items. But most of these boxes have a wait time before you could open them and get the rewards (unless you buy one premium box from the shop). If you want to instantly open these boxes then you can do so by spending your Power Crystals.

power rangers legacy wars how to get power crystals

Tip – Don’t use your power crystals to open your boxes. Instead keep collecting them and use them for the next point we have mentioned below, i.e. for purchasing the premium morph boxes.

  • Purchasing Premium Morph Boxes – Super, Mega and Ultra Morph boxes are the 3 premium boxes in the game. You need to spend your power crystals to purchase them from the in-game shop.

power rangers legacy wars get power crystals

  • Leveling Up – Leveling up your warriors actually requires power coins but if you don’t have enough coins then you will need to pay using your power crystals to upgrade your warriors.
  • Purchase Power Coins – You can purchase these coins from the shop using your crystals.

power rangers legacy wars power crystals

  • Buying Featured Warriors’ Zeo Shards – You actually need power coins to buy these shards but if you are short on them then you need to buy them using your crystals.

power rangers legacy wars farming power crystals

So you can see that there are so many uses of these crystals in the game. Now let’s see how you can get them in the game.

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How To Get Power Crystals.

Below are all the ways you can use to get power crystals in the game.

  1. Morph Boxes – Mighty and Corruption Morph Boxes are the best sources of continuous free power crystals in the game. Both of these boxes are free to get. A new Mighty morph box is granted every 4 hours while a Corruption morph box is granted once every 24 hours. You can learn more about these two boxes in our Morph Boxes Guide. Mighty morph box is given to you automatically every 4 hours in the game so make sure you log in to the game periodically just to simply tap on your mighty box and claim your free rewards.

power rangers legacy wars best way to get power crystals

2. Achievements – Achievements are another free sources of power crystals. There are so many achievements that you can unlock to gain these crystals. Just tap on the Star icon (just above the red “Battle!” button) on your main screen to see all the targets you need to achieve to unlock new rewards. As you progress to higher leagues, you will earn more crystals. But the target to unlock those rewards will also keep getting higher.

power rangers legacy wars how to farm power crystals

3. In-Game Shop – Yes, these cost money. After all, the game also needs money to bring new stuffs to the game. Using the above two methods you can farm some power crystals but if you instantly need more without any effort then you can always buy them from the game’s shop. The prices are as mentioned below –

80 Power Crystals for $0.99
500 Power Crystals for $4.99
1,200 Power Crystals for $9.99
2,500 Power Crystals for $19.99
6,500 Power Crystals for $49.99
14,000 Power Crystals for $99.99

You can buy just the smallest package which costs just about $1 for like upgrading your favorite warrior, if you want to take him into battle right now. If you are an average level player then the $4.99 package will bring you enough crystals to last for next few days.

4. Special Offers – Inside the shop you can find a “Special Offer” tab where you can periodically find special featured warriors together with power coins and crystals pack. If you intend to spend money to buy power crystals then we recommend you to wait until a special offer is released by the game. This way not only will you get your power crystals but also tons of free power coins and not to forget, your new exclusive warrior.

So these are all the ways to get power crystals in the game. Use the methods mentioned above for farming power crystals in Power Rangers Legacy Wars and you can also buy these occasionally to never feel shortage of them in your account.

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