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Power Rangers Legacy Wars – How To Get Orbs of Eltar (Guide)

Want to know how to get Orbs of Eltar in Power Rangers Legacy Wars? So in this post we are going to show you how you can get them in the game so that you can easily upgrade your warriors’ Special Abilities. In this post we will give you every single information about Orbs of Eltar in Power Rangers Legacy Wars.

What Are Orbs of Eltar

In order to upgrade the Special Abilities (Slot 2) of both your “Leader” and “Assist” warriors, you need these Orbs of Eltar. As you might already know that each warrior in the game is of a specific type called Striker, Defender and Balanced. Similarly these Orbs also have the same “Types” associated with them and so you must have the exact same type of Orbs as your warrior, to upgrade his slot 2 abilities.

power rangers legacy wars orbs of eltar

You can see how many Orbs you currently have, by tapping on the orb icon which can be found at the upper right side of the player info (just next to your power crystals). You can see it highlighted in red box in the image below.

power rangers legacy wars how to get orbs of eltar

Remember that you must reach League 3 or higher to see this icon in your account. So if you can’t see the icon right now then most probably you are in a lower league (however, if you are reading this post then you must have already reached league 3).

How To Use Orbs of Eltar

After you have got enough and the same type of Orbs of Eltar, go to the Team Select screen and tap on the Warrior whose special abilities you want to upgrade. If the experience bar of your warrior’s special ability is completely filled then you can now upgrade it using your orbs. So simply tap on the “Upgrade” button and that ability will get upgraded.

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Congrats! not only you can do more damage with this upgraded ability of your warrior now, but you will also gain some player experience added to your account, as an added reward for upgrade.

One more thing to note is that you can’t upgrade the slot 2 abilities of any warrior, higher than your player level. So you can only upgrade them up to or a similar level to your player level.

How To Get Orbs of Eltar

Currently there are two regular ways to get them in the game and i must say that both of the ways are not so easy. The first way is to open Corruption Morph Boxes which you get just once every 24 hours. Another way is to open the premium morph boxes in game. Premium boxes are found in the shop and can be purchased using power crystals.

power rangers legacy wars orbs of eltar guide

They can also be found (rarely) by winning PvP battles. You can learn lots more about these boxes and how to get them in our power rangers legacy wars morph box guide.

But the thing that most players don’t know is that there is actually a trick in the game using which you can get almost unlimited Orbs of Eltar in a very short amount of time. Very few people have been able to discover this trick and those who know it, never share with anyone. However, the good news is that we have been finally able to discover this trick after playing this game quite hard for a much longer period of time and now we are going to share this trick with you.

We have explained about this trick in a short Ebook which is available in PDF format. The ebook can be downloaded and read on both mobiles and desktop using any PDF reader. You can download this ebook for free using the link below.

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