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Power Rangers Legacy Wars – Morph Boxes Guide! (With Tips)

Power Rangers Legacy Wars Morph Boxes are the things that provide you all kind of stuffs in the game like power coins, power crystals, zeo shards for common, epic and rare warriors. There are a total of 7 types of Morph boxes in the game and in this guide we will explain about all of them. We will also provide you with some useful tips and information that will help you take better decisions with your Morph Boxes.

Types of Morph Boxes In Power Rangers Legacy Wars

Below we will explain and provide full details on each type of Boxes available in the game. So let’s check them out!

  1. Mighty Morph Box – These are the most easiest types of boxes you could get in the game because you don’t need to do anything to get them. You automatically get one of these boxes every 4 hours in the game. The game can only store 2 Mighty morph boxes at a time so make sure you login in to the game once at least every 8 hours to collect them, even if you don’t have to play the game on a day. Even though they are not highly rewarding but you still get some free power coins, power crystals and common rarity shards from them.

power rangers legacy wars mighty morph box

2. Corruption Morph Box – These are the second most easiest types of boxes you can get in the game. You get them simply for dealing damage to your opponents in the PvP battles. You can locate this box near the top right corner of your main screen. There is a specific amount of points needed before you can open one of these boxes and your current League determines how much damage you need to deal before you can open it. You can see your total required points and collected points under the box icon. You can open only 1 corruption Morph Box during a 24 hours period. The great thing is that even if you lost a battle, you will still get the points for dealing damage to your opponent in that particular battle.

power rangers legacy wars corruption morph box

Once you reach League 3 or higher, your Corruption box will also give you Orbs of Eltar, which you need to upgrade your Warrior’s Special Abilities.

3. Noble Morph Box – These are the first (and least rewarding) types of boxes you will get from winning PvP battles. These boxes also reward you power coins and zeo shards. It will take you 3 hours to open one of these boxes. You can always use your power crystals to open them instantly but we don’t recommend to spend your power crystals for opening these boxes, as they are really valuable. Instead just keep playing the game and let them open themselves after 3 hours wait time.

power rangers legacy wars noble morph box

4. Grand Morph Box – These are another boxes that you can get from winning your PvP battles. These boxes will provide you much more shards than the Noble Box. It is mainly better than previous boxes because it also provides some guaranteed Rare shards. It takes 8 hours to open.

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power rangers legacy wars grand morph box

5. Super Morph Box – This is 1st of the 3 premium morph boxes in the game. These boxes will provide you with power coins and zeo shards along with Rare and Epic shards. On reaching League 3 and higher, they will also provide Orbs of Eltar. Super Morph Boxes provide you much higher rewards than the previously mentioned 4 boxes. The higher your League, the more items you will get out of your Super Morph Box. The greatest thing about this box is that you will get some guaranteed number of rare and epic zeo shards from it. You can see how many guaranteed shards you will get, before purchasing one of these boxes using your power crystals.

power rangers legacy wars super morph box

The best place to get these boxes is to buy them from the shop. They will cost you 210 power crystals (when you are in League 1). The cost will keep increasing as you progress to higher leagues. They are also known to drop from PvP battles but the drop rate is really low. If you get one of these from PvP battles then it will take you 12 hours to open it while if you buy them from the shop then you can open them instantly.

6. Mega Morph Box – These are 2nd type of premium boxes in Power Rangers Legacy Wars. This box provides you even more items than Super morph box. This box guarantees you some specified number of Rare shards along with power coins.

power rangers legacy wars mega morph box

Just like Super morph box, you can buy them from the in-game shop for 560 power crystals (at League 1) or keep playing in PvP to expect their rare drop. Mega Morph boxes won from PvP battles will take you 15 hours to open normally. As always, you can spend your power crystals to open them instantly.

7. Ultra Morph Box – These are the most rewarding and valuable boxes in the game. Ultra Morph Boxes provide you the most number of rare and epic shards than any other boxes in the game. However these boxes are also really expensive. It will cost you 1,260 power crystals (in League 1) to buy one of these from the shop.

power rangers legacy wars ultra morph box

You will be glad to know that Ultra Morph boxes are also known to drop from PvP battles but i believe the drop rate would be very very low. If you luckily get it from PvP then you will need to wait a full 24 hours to open it.

Power Ranger Legacy Wars Morph Boxes Tips

  • Try to win more battles to reach higher leagues. When you are in a higher league, the morph boxes will give out more rewards and powerful rarity zeo shards along with Orbs of Eltar (League 3 or higher).
  • Don’t spend your power crystals to open your boxes, especially the Mighty and Noble morph boxes. We recommend to store your power crystals and only use them to buy the premium boxes from the shop.
  • During the day (when you are playing the game), only open your Noble morph boxes. This is because it takes just 3 hours wait time. While open your Grand morph boxes before going to bed at night because it takes longer time to open than Noble box. This way when you will open the game in the morning, your Grand Morph box will be unlocked and just waiting for you to tap on it and collect your rewards.

Morph Boxes Additional Information

You might sometimes face errors and issues while playing the game which can make the game restart. So you might be thinking that what will happen if the game suddenly crashes while you were opening a morph box? Will you get the full rewards or some of your rewards are lost? Well, fortunately you still get all the rewards from that box, even if the game crashes while you were opening it. After the game restarts, you can check your items to verify your credited rewards. In case, you believe you didn’t got your full items then you can contact game support for assistance.

So this is all you need to learn about Power Rangers Legacy Wars Morph Boxes. If you liked this guide then please make sure you share this post with your friends at whatsapp, facebook and twitter using the social media buttons below.

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