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Power Rangers Legacy Wars – How To Get New Warriors (Guide)

In Power Rangers Legacy Wars, there are so many cool warriors that you can unlock. In this post you will learn how to unlock and get new warriors or characters in the game. You can check out all warriors list to know about all the current ranger heroes and villains available in the game. So let’s check out exactly how do you get new warriors in Power Rangers Legacy Wars.

 How To Get New Warriors

New characters or warriors are unlocked in the game by collecting Zeo Shards of warriors. So if you know about how to get zeo shards in the game then obviously you can unlock more warriors. There are two ways to get zeo shards in the game. We will explore both ways below.

How To Get Zeo Shards

  1.  The first and most common way to get zeo shards is to open the Morph Boxes. There are several types of Morph Boxes in the game but Super Morph Box, Mega Morph Box and Ultra Morph Boxes are the ones which provide you the Epic and Rare warriors (which are more powerful than Common ones). There are also some other types of boxes in the game but they mostly give you common rarity characters. Therefore in this post we will only see how you can get the above mentioned three types of boxes in the game. But before that, let’s look at one more way to get zeo shards, which mentioned in point two below.

power rangers legacy wars how to get new warriors

2. Another way you can get shards is by going to “Featured Warriors” tab in the shop. In this section, the game features 3 new random characters every 24 hours. Here you can buy zeo shards of any or all the 3 available warriors using your Power Coins. However there are limited number of shards available for each warrior but still they provide you enough to level up your warrior to a respectable and stronger level.

power rangers legacy wars how to unlock new warriors

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Now that you know how to get Zeo Shards, let’s look at how to get the Super, Mega and Ultra Morph Boxes, which are the major sources of shards.

How To Get Super, Mega and Ultra Morph Boxes

There are only two ways to get these boxes in the game.

  1. These Morph Boxes can be purchased in the game shop under “Morph Boxes” tab. You will need Power Crystals to buy them. There are a few ways using which you can get Power Crystals in the game or you can buy them using real money.
  2.  Another way to get these boxes is by winning PvP battles. However there is very very low chances of winning them from PvP battles.

So after you have collected enough zeo shards of a warrior, you need to go to “Team” tab, then tap on “Roster” and then tap on the available character that you want to unlock. You will see the glowing “Unlock” button, just tap on it to unlock that warrior.

You can’t really choose exactly which warriors you want to unlock because the game gives you zeo shards of random characters in the morph boxes (in “Featured Warriors” section also, you don’t get to choose your desired warriors). However you need to keep in mind that your current “League” determines the warriors that you can get out of these boxes. There are currently 6 Leagues in the game (including “Training Pit”). The higher the league you are in, the more powerful characters you can get from these boxes. You can see your target League for your desired warrior by going to “Roster” screen in the game.

power rangers legacy wars get new characters

So ultimately the more Power Crystals you can collect, the more boxes you can purchase and open from the in-game shop and thus more warriors you can unlock in the game.

Hope this guide helped you understand how you can get new warriors in Power Rangers Legacy Wars. Please don’t forget to share this post with your friends at whatsapp, facebook and twitter using the social media buttons below.

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