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Power Rangers Legacy Wars – How To Get Green Ranger!

In this post we will show you how to get Green Ranger in Power Rangers Legacy Wars. There are so many cool rangers in the game and Green Ranger (also known as Tommy Oliver) is one of the coolest of them all. So let’s see how to get him in Power Rangers Legacy Wars.

How To Get Green Ranger

Green Ranger was being given during the Legacy Wars launch offer as a special Featured warrior. It costed $9.99 to get and you also get 5000 Power Coins and 1200 Power Crystals along with Green Ranger’s 10 Zeo Shards. So if you didn’t purchased him at that time then unfortunately you can’t get him for now.

power rangers legacy wars how to get green ranger


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However, it doesn’t mean that you will never be able to get him. It will just take you longer to get him in your account now. You will need to wait until this warrior is officially released as a regular warrior inside the premium Morph Boxes like all warriors in power rangers legacy wars. So, how long will you need to wait? Well, no one really knows except the game developers.

power rangers legacy wars get green ranger


But you don’t need to worry because you can check out Green Ranger’s Stats, bio, Gameplay video and all at our Power Rangers Legacy Wars Green Ranger post. Make sure you check out that post because you will get to know all things about this warrior in the game even without having him in your account.

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