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Power Rangers Legacy Wars – Alliance Guide & Tips

In Power Rangers Legacy Wars, Alliance is a place where you can unite with other players and help each other to make your progress faster in the game. Its a cool feature to keep you more engaged with the game and give you more stuffs to do other than fighting in PvP mode. In this post we will look at and explore all about the Alliances in Power Rangers Legacy Wars game.

How To Join An Alliance

To get started with alliances, you first need to either join an existing alliance or create a new one of your own. In this section we will look at how to join an alliance in the game.

There is an important requirement before you could get started with alliances, i.e. you need to reach a player level 2. After you reach at least player 2 experience level, you will be able to access Alliances. You can find the icon at the bottom left panel of your main screen (a Shield icon). Tap on it to open the alliances main screen.

power rangers legacy wars alliance

There you can search for alliances to join. Just type is a single alphabet like “a” to get maximum numbers of alliance choices. You will find that you won’t be able to join most of the alliances right now, especially when you are in a lower League (like League 1 or 2), because many top level alliances will ask for a minimum League requirement of 3 or higher.

Some alliances will be “Open” means you can join them instantly while many will show “Invite Only” status, where you will need to request the admin to join. Some of them will show “Closed” status, which means either the admin has disabled access for any new players or the alliance has reached the maximum players capacity of 30 members in an alliance. In the image below you can see a pending join request for an “Invite Only” alliance.

power rangers legacy wars alliance guide

We recommend to not give up and keep looking for a suitable one to join. If you applied to join an alliance and if you are not approved for several hours then it means that its a non active alliance so just leave that and search for a new one. Or you can look for an “Open” status alliance to instantly join and alliance.

How To Donate Shards

After you have successfully joined an alliance, you can now donate Zeo Shards to your team members. You might be thinking, why donate your precious shards? Well, there are some cool benefits of donating shards which are as mentioned below.

  • You earn XP for each donated shard which increases your player experience level.
  • You also earn free Power Coins which you can use to upgrade your warriors in your “Roster” section.
  • Respect from alliance members. You will have a higher chance of receiving shards from your members because you donated them when they needed.

In the image below you can see members who requested a particular shard. If you have those shards then you can tap on “Donate” button to donate the required shards.

Text Example

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power rangers legacy wars join an alliance

If you donate high rarity shards then you will earn more XP and power coins.

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How To Request Shards From Alliance Members

You can also request Zeo Shards from your friends. To do so, simply tap on “Request Shards” button at the bottom of your alliance screen. You will then see a pop up window where you need to select the warrior for which you want to get shards. After that your request will show up together with your members’ request (see the image below).

power rangers legacy wars create alliance

How To Create An Alliance

Instead of searching for existing alliance to join, you also create an alliance of your own. Below are the steps to create an alliance.

Make sure you have not joined or requested to join any existing alliances. Tap on the “Create” button to open the “Create An Alliance” dialog.

power rangers legacy wars alliances

There you need to enter your Alliance name, a description, choose an icon from the provides choices, set the location (choose from a list of countries), membership status (choose from – Open, Invite Only or Closed) and Requirement (minimum League level that you will accept players from).

After setting all the options mentioned above, just tap on the “Create” button to create your new alliance. Remember that you will need 1000 Power Coins to create your alliance, so make sure you have enough coins before you decide to make an alliance of your own.

So this is all about alliances in Power Rangers Legacy Wars. Hope you like our Power Rangers Legacy Wars Alliance guide. Please don’t forget to share this post with your friends at whatsapp, facebook and twitter using the social media buttons below.

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