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Fire Emblem Heroes – Best Inheritance Guide (With Tricks & Tools)!

In this Fire Emblem Heroes Inheritance guide we are going to explain everything about this new mechanic in the game. We will teach you how it works, its advantages, disadvantages, tips, tricks, useful tools and many more. This is without doubt the best skill inheritance guide you can ever find. So let’s get started.

Opinion On Skill Inheritance

I think that this Skill Inheritance mechanic is really insane and somewhat broken and could have been executed a bit better by intelligence systems. We all expected this mechanic to have a lot more restrictions but this mechanic barely has any kind of restrictions and this can both be a good thing and a bad thing, it depends on your perspective.

This mechanic went too far and messes up a lot of free-to-play players. It definitely motivates whales (in gaming industry people who spend a lot of money in games are known as whales) to spend more on this game.

If this had a lot more restriction it would have been more balanced but nonetheless it’s an interesting mechanic and can create a lot of diversity. Like people who want to abuse top tiers will make them stronger and will continue to abuse them (it’s not like they haven’t been abusing them till now) and people who want to have fun with their favorite characters will be able to do that as well and make them even more viable.

Now that this skill inheritance feature has arrived in the game, no two same units will be the same and they will differ from each other due to this mechanics. A lot of people are worried about the state of the game but I will talk about this later in this post how this mechanic will fare and it’s way too early in my opinion to judge it appropriately.

Fire Emblem Heroes Inheritance Guide

Now i will be giving you a brief guide on this mechanic. Skill Inheritance mechanic in Fire Emblem Heroes isn’t really that hard to understand and execute. You just have to go to Allies>Advanced Growth>Inherit Skills and use this mechanic. It doesn’t have any kind of hard and fast restrictions but it still does have some restrictions as mentioned below –

  • Legendary or exclusive weapons are not passable.
  • Breaker skills are restricted to a specific weapon type users.
  • Sing and Dance cannot be passed.
  • Healing assist skills are exclusive to healers.
  • Knock back, Lunge, Drag back is not allowed on ranged units.
  • Wary fighter and Svalinn shield are exclusive to armored units.
  • Skills like Hone Cavalry are exclusive to cavalry units.
  • You cannot send home Anna/Alfonse/Sharena.
  • Some skills can’t be inherited when weapon type and/or movement type don’t match.

So the above are some of the restrictions with this mechanic. Basically you have to go to the skills screen of the unit you want to sacrifice and select the unit to which you want to pass these skills to and make sure that the unit you are trying to sacrifice and pass the skills to other unit is not favourited otherwise the game will not let you click the confirm button.

fire emblem heroes inheritance guide

After this a units whose skills will be passed to other unit will be sent home and you will not be having that unit anymore, so keep that in mind. You can select up to three skills which you want to pass (weapons included). Both units does not even need to be of the same rarity and the unit who is passing the skill to other doesn’t even have to learn these skills.

fire emblem heroes skill inheritance guide

However the skills which you pass will not be immediately available on your units. You will have to buy them first and they will cost 1.5 times their normal cost if they were passed from other unit.

Text Example

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fire emblem heroes skill inheritance

(In reference to the image below) Threaten Speed 3 usually takes about 200 SP to get but since I pass this to Klein and since he cannot learn this skill naturally, it will cost more for him and in this case it is 300 SP.

fire emblem heroes inherit skill

How To Get SP In Fire Emblem Heroes

Here are some tips for getting SP. It’s not really the easiest thing to grind for and will be aggravating if you want to pass tons of skills to a single unit. Training tower is going to be the place for you to grind SP.

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  • Killing units with the same level or at most 6 level lower than the unit you’re trying to grind gives you +3 SP per kill – For example if you’re trying to grind a unit who is that level 40 you will have to make sure that you kill opponents who are above level 34 or else you will not get the SP. so if you kill opponents who are at level 30 or level 28 you will not be given any kind of SP.
  • In Arena as well you can get SP just by using your units on which you want SP.
  • Healers get +1 SP per heal regardless of the level of the unit they’re trying to heal – You just have to create a stalemate situation such that you can farm for some SP on your healers so basically just put a range unit against a melee unit and it will be a stale mate situation. The melee unit will keep attacking your ranged units and your ranged unit will not be able to retaliate back, he will be getting some damage on him and that’s where you can use your healer to heal them and get +1 SP/heal.
  • You can even set it to auto battle if you are confident.

I would definitely recommend you to grind for SP when your units aren’t really that high levels. It’s definitely harder to grind for SP when you are at level 40 since you face tougher opponents in training tower.

Skill Inheritance Planner Tool

There is a skill inheritance tool at https://arghblargh.github.io/feh-inheritance-tool/ which is made by a Reddit user. It is the single best tool for planning skills you want to pass. It’s a freaking amazing tool! Not only that you can choose skills which you want to pass and you can see their description and which unit passes that skills and what rarity at which it passes those skills.

fire emblem heroes skill inheritance tool

Advantages & Disadvantages of Skill Inheritance

Skills Inheritance feature has both advantages as well as disadvantages to it like Some lower tier units actually shine with this mechanic for example Cherche who has massive attack can get Camilla’s Brave Axe+ and do a better job at punching holes at opponents team than Camilla due to her superior attack. It definitely makes some underrated unit viable but more broken units like Hector, Lyn and Takumi will just get way better as well and that’s where you start seeing the problem.

fire emblem heroes skill inheritance tips

Most of the stronger units lose nothing from this mechanic and have a lot to gain. Close Counter and Distant Counter are passable to other units but you should keep in mind that rolling a Hector or Takumi is not that easy. There is literally a video on youtube of a player spending $1600 trying to get Hector! Watch the video below for some more important information regarding skill inheritance mechanic in Fire Emblem Heroes.


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