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Fire Emblem Heroes – Ninian In Depth Review & Superb Tricks!

In this Fire Emblem Heroes Ninian review from Pheonixmaster1, we will be telling you how good Ninian really is. We will also tell you how easy or hard it is to max her out to level 40. You will also get to know about her best team-mates in the game who can support her and counters which she will need to watch out. Not only this but we will also guide you with some skill inheritance options at the end of this post.

Fire Emblem Heroes Ninian Review

So Ninian is one of the most popular characters from the new banner right now because she is a very unique unit who is a dragon and she can also use dance to give her allies an extra turn. She is the 3rd dancer/singer in the game after Olivia and Azura and she faces a tough competition with those two units.

Ninian has 2-3 points less rating compared to a 5 star Azura and a 5 star Olivia respectively. However she has better bulk compared to them. As the dragon she has the lowest rating out of all of the Dragon units we have so far in the game. When I say rating I mean the max base stat total of the unit and this number is very very important for arena usage.

fire emblem heroes ninian

If you look at her max level stats, her HP is quite respectable and allows her to take hits and it’s better compared to Azura’s and Olivia’s. Her attack is decent but that’s not really a big deal since she’s supposed to work as a support unit and that’s why even if you end up with a minus attack Ninian, you should be fine. Her speed is very nice and allows her to avoid getting doubled by some key threats in the metagame such as +Speed Takumi and many more. Having a plus speed IV allows Ninian to avoid getting doubled by even more units such as +Speed Lucina and +Speed Marth and if she has a plus speed IV she can even double some units.

Her defense is somewhat low but nonetheless she can still take some hits due to her HP stat and survive. Her Resistance is quite nice allowing her to take magical hits quite easily. On top of that she is a blue unit which is really good in this metagame where red units are very prevalent.

Her weapon is Light Breath+ and this weapon grants adjacent allies +4 defense and +4 resistance through their next actions after any combat she initiates. So she can make nearby allies much beefier with this weapon and support them even further. Her passives includes Escape Route 3 and Fortify Defense 2 and Fortify Dragons.

Escape Route allows her to be this warp dancer from fire emblem fates when she is below 50% HP and getting Ninian below 50% HP isn’t that hard to be honest. So after she is below 50% HP, Ninian can work at her max potential as a dancer and warp to any Ally and use dance.

Fortify Defense 2 is quite decent although if she had something like Hone Attack like Olivia instead of Fortify defense it would have made her an even better unit.

Fortify Dragons grants adjacent dragon allies +6 defense and +6 resistance through their next action at the start of each turn and this is insane and can essentially make tanky dragons like Nowi and Young Tiki a nightmare for opponent.

Overall she’s a very sturdy and solid support unit to have that can take hits, deal some damage and also support both offensively with dance and defensively with Light Breath+. However she faces a very tough competition with Azura. Now keep in mind that Azura is an offensively oriented singer while Ninian is a defensively oriented dancer, so both have very different roles. It depends on your team requirement for selecting which one you want to use, although she is easier to get compared to Azura thanks to being a focused unit on the current banner.

How To Level Up Ninian

She is somewhat of a hard unit to level up like most support units in the game and requires you to soften up the foes with other units so that she can pick them off and get the experience. She does not get the experience by dancing that’s a big bummer and it is highly recommended to use their shards and crystals to level her up and save yourself the pain and the agony that will be caused to level her up past level 30, so she’s not essentially going to be a piece of cake to level up.

Best Team-Mates of Ninian

So let’s move on to some teammates for Ninian. Like Azura and Olivia you always want to run offensive threats like lucina, takumi, Linda and many more with Ninian so that they can abuse Ninian’s dance to the maximum potential and make it harder for the opponent to win. Units like Nino gain massive attack boost from Ninian’s Light Breath+ & Dragons spam is also an option but it is very hard to pull off due to the Dragon Slayers present in the meta like lucina, Julia, Marth which you will see like in every other battle as of right now in arena.

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fire emblem heroes ninian review

Ninian’s Counters To Watch Out For

Dragon Slayers like lucina and Marth will do a lot to Ninian but they will have a hard time killing her since Ninian has the weapon triangle advantage over them. However Julia will be able to blow Ninian into another dimension with her Naga tome. So you have to watch out for Julia whenever you’re using Ninian.

fire emblem heroes ninian skills

Units with immense physical power such as Effie and Ephraim can do a number to her and axe users like Minerva and Camilla will be able to take her down with ease. Common teams will not have trouble killing her but her having the skills dance is what makes the opposing team so threatening when ninian is there.

How To Counterplay

You should use her in such a way that she can make the movements of opposing team relatively unpredictable and also make the danger zone less effective and this will give your team a hard time. So it’s very necessary for you to play patiently and calculate how far the opponent’s units will be able to reach after Ninian has used dance.

Taking Ninian out first if you get a chance will make it easier for you to play against the team without the fear of opposing units catching you off guard.

Best Skill Inheritance Options

Since only Slot A of Ninian’s passive skill is empty we’re going to be talking about some of the skills which she can get on her Slot A. So first of all she can get triangle adept from Cordelia as this can actually be pretty useful for her as it makes her match up against users like lucina and Marth much bearable since she is a blue unit after all. It helps her taking hits from them when she needs to and it doesn’t hurt her that much as green units like Julia and Minerva can destroy her either way with or without triangle adept so this skill can definitely greatly help her.

Next up we have Fury from Jagen as this is an option which actually gives her better stats and overall makes her a better unit while working as a double edged sword, since then she’s going to be losing 6 HP after every combat. So this can work since it will be much easier for her to reach below 50% HP and then she can abuse her Escape route skill however this can even work out a against her and contribute in her getting killed in some matches. So this is a very very risky skill to have.

fire emblem heroes ninian stats

Darting Blow from Florina is somewhat of a good option since she gets a lot of mileage if she is a +speed IV and with +Speed IV and darting blow, she reaches a blazing high 41 speed which lets her double a lot of units in the metagame even units like +speed Takumi and Sharena.

There are a few more great skill inheritance options which you can find in the video below along with more useful stuffs about Ninian in the game. So make sure you watch the video below till the end.


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