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Fire Emblem Heroes – How To Get Lots of Free Orbs Fast!

Are you looking for a way to get lots of free orbs in Fire Emblem Heroes? Then luckily for you in this post we are going to share an easy and fast way to get lots and lots of orbs, almost unlimited orbs without purchasing using money. This Fire Emblem Heroes orbs guide will show you some unique tips and tricks to quickly collect unlimited orbs in the game.

As you might already know that orbs are used for summoning new heroes in the game and also for restoring your stamina. You need a total of 20 orbs for summing 5 times (the very first summon requires you to spend 5 orbs). Similarly without stamina you can’t play the quests and arenas and hence you won’t be able to progress further and so you will need to restore it using your orbs.

how to get free orbs in fire emblem heroes

It is a bit easier to collect these orbs until you haven’t finished all the story mode quests in the Easy, Normal and Lunatic modes but once you finish all the levels, you won’t be able to get much orbs at all. This will greatly slow down your game progress.

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Now if you go to the in-game shop and see the prices of the orbs, you will see that their cost is too expensive. You will see that only 3 orbs will cost you $1.99, 10 for $5.99 till it goes up to 140 for $74.99. It’s clear that they are too expensive so you might be wondering if they are worth it. I leave the answer up to you.

fire emblem heroes best way to get orbs

The good news is that you don’t need to spend real money to get orbs because we have created a short guide in which you can find a completely legitimate but unknown way to get free orbs fast. This is a really easy and fast method to collect orbs in the game and you can learn this method in our exclusive orbs guide. Our exclusive short guide is an ebook in PDF format which you can download for free after sharing this post on Google+, Twitter or Facebook using the link below.

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