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Fire Emblem Heroes – Here Is How To Easily Get 5 Star Characters!

Want to know about the best way to get 5 star characters in Fire Emblem Heroes? Then here we bring you this post where we will show you how you can summon guaranteed 5 star heroes quite easily. Here we will share our exclusive guide which will explain you step by step how you can pull 5 stars in Fire Emblem Heroes. This guide has been developed after a lot of testing and tweaking from us, so you can be assured that this is without doubt the best ever guide explaining exactly how to get five stars in this game.

fire emblem heroes best way to get 5 stars

If you are a Fire Emblem fan and have been playing this game for at least a week then you might already know that the most easiest summons in the game are 3 star pulls. In fact most of your pulls will yield a 3 star heroes. After that, the chances of getting 4 stars is also not that bad. Fire Emblem Heroes is known to be giving out 4 star characters quite a lot (among other similar games where same characters are available with different star ratings). But the thing is that its quite rare to get a 5 star hero using your precious orbs. You might be spending your hard earned orbs again and again with no luck of getting even just 1 five star character. But our summoning looks like in the image below (using our method to get guaranteed five stars).

fire emblem heroes easy 5 star

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You might be seeing other players with Five Star heroes like Marth, Ryoma, Lyn, Lucina, Tiki, Effie, Cordelia, Camilla, Hector, Takumi, Kagero, Minerva and many others. Many of these might be your favorite (desired) characters and you would want at least one of these in your team but the game might not be giving out these heroes to you. You might be thinking that others are too lucky to get their favorite five stars while you are just unlucky.

Of course there is some luck involved here. Someone pulling out a 5 star in just a few summons is obviously really lucky. In fact we have seen players getting these highly powerful characters in their very first summon. Of course, not everyone is lucky like them. But it doesn’t mean that they arrive purely by luck. There is actually a way using which you can unlock and get these 5 star characters easily and pull them in your summons. We have figured out this method after a lot of testing and created a short but detailed and step by step guide.

This guide is available as an Ebook in PDF format. It can be download and read on both mobiles and desktop. You can download this guide for free after sharing this post at Twitter, Google+ or Facebook using the link below.

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