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Fire Emblem Heroes – Making The Most Monstrous Effie Ever!

As you might already know that skill inheritance ability has been implemented in Fire Emblem Heroes. There is an argument about this new mechanics that whether it is advantageous or it is a disadvantage, we will mention about that in a new post. But till then, in this post we will show you how a user makes his 5 Star Effie incredibly monstrous using the skill inheritance.

fire emblem heroes effie skills


There is a video below in which you will see the user first upgrading the rarity of his Cordelia and bring her tier to 5 star from 4 star by paying 20,000 feathers. This unlocks two powerful new skills of the new 5 star Cordelia namely Brave Lance and Brave Lance+. After that the user goes on to inherit these two powerful skills from his 5 star Cordelia to his 5 star Tank hero Effie.

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fire emblem heroes brave lance

So his Effie now becomes a monster! Could you imagine how incredibly super powerful his Effie becomes then? Make sure you watch the short video below!


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