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Fire Emblem Heroes – 5 Star Michalis Max Level 40 Reached!

Welcome to a new Fire Emblem Heroes character upgrade review post. A youtube channel named Pheonixmaster1 succeeded in upgrading his 5 star Michalis hero to max level 40 and in this post we are going to explore lots of interesting stuffs about this maxed out Michalis. We will explore his final maxed out stats, his exclusive conversation, his voices and more, so let’s check it out.

fire emblem heroes 5 star michalis

First of all when you reach the max level 40, your Michalis will do an interesting and unique conversation with you. Below is a little bit of conversation that he does with you on reaching the max level 40. You can watch the full conversation in the video at the end of this post.

I died once–did you know? Minerva defeated me, crushed all my mighty ambitions on that battlefield……………………….. I should have stayed dead, but a foolish spark remained in my heart…………………………. Now i must admit that my time with you has kindled that tiny spark once more……………………………… With the power I’ve gained at your side, I could dream once more of conquering worlds…………………………… Regardless, until i make my decision, I will follow you and see what else i might gain.

fire emblem heroes michalis level 40

You can watch this conversation in the video at the end of this post.

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Fire Emblem Heroes 5 Star Michalis Level 40 Stats

If you are wondering about the max level stats of Michalis in Fire Emblem Heroes then here are his stats for you to explore.

fire emblem heroes max level michalis

As is the clear from the stats above that he is really great at attack and his HP is also good enough let him stand there and deal damage to the opponent. Although his speed is lowest, being only 26.

Below you can see his stats again, in case its not clearly visible in the image above.

HP 43, Atk 50, Spd 26, Def 35, Res 19, SP 88

Other than the stats mentioned above, he has Hauteclere, Moonbow, Lote’s Shield and Threaten Def 3.

Make sure to watch the video below to see his full conversation and also to listen his voice. He speaks several different sentences on each tap so make sure you watch it in the video below.


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