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Fire Emblem Heroes – 5 Star Karel Max Level 40 Reached!

Hey friends, in this exciting new Fire Emblem Heroes post we are going to explore a 5 Star and max level 40 Karel! I know all of you want to know the stats of a max level 5 star Karel in this game and that is why we bring you this post. Here we will be exploring the exclusive conversation with a 5 star Karel, his stats, artwork and also listen to his several speakings, so let’s check it out now!

fire emblem heroes 5 star karel

First of all when you reach the max level 40, your Karel will do an interesting and unique conversation with you. Below is a little bit of conversation that she does with you on reaching the max level 40. You can watch the full conversation in the video at the end of this post.

You are a puzzle to me. I am on the path of the sword and cut down those strong enough to matter……………………. Yet you cannot fight–not with a sword, not even any magic. Still, you are on my path…………………………. How troubling. Why don’t i just walk around you? Why do i continue to fight for you? Perhaps………………………… Perhaps it is because having you at my side propels me faster along my path!……………………………….

fire emblem heroes 5 star karel level 40

The above text is just a portion of the conversation that Karel does. You can watch the complete conversation in the video at the end of this post.

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Fire Emblem Heroes 5 Star Karel Level 40 Stats

You might be wondering what would be the final stats and how powerful 5 Star Karel becomes once he reaches the max level 40, so let’s look at his actual level 40 stats.

fire emblem heroes max level karel

So as you can clearly see in the image above that, other than his SP being 253, his health, attack and speed is stronger than his defense and resistance. His overall stats are as mentioned below –

HP 44, Atk 43, Spd 38, Def 25, Res 20, SP 253

So after analyzing his final stats, you can also see that he has Wo Dao+, Reprisal, Defiant Atk 3 and Desperation 3.

Make sure to watch the video below to see his full conversation and also to listen his voice. He speaks several different sentences on each tap so make sure you watch it.


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