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Fire Emblem Heroes – 5 Star Anna Level 40 Reached

In Fire Emblem Heroes, Anna is quite a good character to have in your team. In this post we will explore the stats and all other things about a 5 Star Level 40 Anna character. Yes, a player has succeeded to level up his 5 star Anna to level 40 and shared her great stats, voice, conversation and more with everyone. So let’s explore this level 40 focus character in Fire Emblem Heroes.

fire emblem heroes 5 star anna

First of all when you reach level 40, your Anna will do an interesting and unique conversation with you. Below is a little bit of conversation that she does you on reaching level 40. You can watch the full conversation in the video at the end of this post.

I have an assessment to make. You’ve become more dependable than i ever imagined…………………. Frankly, i wasn’t certain about you from the start. You were new to us. We were new to you……………….. But look at you now – a great tactician, giving us directions that are often excellent!…………………… Remember when you first showed up and i said you didn’t look like the Great Hero from our legend?…………………… I’m sorry about all of that. As the commander here, i should know to never judge a book by its cover…………………….. The person who was once my superior drilled that into my head. So, i should have known better…………………..

fire emblem heroes max level anna

The above text is just half of the conversation, you watch the complete conversation in the video at the end of this post.

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Fire Emblem Heroes 5 Star Anna Level 40 Stats

You might be wondering how powerful Anna becomes once you reach level 40, so let’s look at her actual level 40 stats.

fire emblem heroes 5 star anna level 40

In the image above you can notice that at max level 40 her attack and health is highest while her defense is weakest, being only 22. If you can’t clearly see her stats in the image above clearly then below you can read them.

HP 41, Atk 45, Spd 38, Def 22, Res 28, SP 80

At max level 40 she has Noatun, Night Sky, Vantage 3 and Spur Res 3

Watch the video below to explore all details about the max level 5 star Anna in Fire Emblem Heroes.


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