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Dawn of Titans – Relic Forge Complete Guide & Tutorial

In this post we are going to explore the new Relic Forge update in Dawn of Titans. You will learn about how this new feature works together with awesome relic forge tips and tricks. This is a complete tutorial which will help you completely understand and getting comfortable with this new system in Dawn of Titans.

The Dawn of Titans game developers have changed the way relics repair because they no longer need to be repaired. In the image above you can see that in the relics section of my Flamehide titan he no longer have the 12, 8/8 etc. They are just Relics now and they no longer need to be repaired instead they have to be upgraded.

dawn of titans relic forge

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Its all about upgrading your relics now which means it is now feasible for most players to use their 4 star relics. No longer do we have to be afraid that we won’t have enough relics to repair our 4 star items even if they’re powerful. Now they don’t need to be repaired but upgraded and it’s not that hard to do.

You can find all the information and tutorial about this new relic forge update in the video below. You are also see in the video below, how a user upgrades his 4 star Fire Ruby relic several times by fusing his lots and lots of 3 star relics into it. Till the end of the below video, he upgrades it up to level 6 which is quite impressive. So this is a cool new way to upgrade your 4 star relics quite easily and make them more and more powerful.


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