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Finished “The Stronghold” !!! (Hunter’s End Final Mission) (Guide)

In this special Dawn of Titans post we are going to show you the complete strategy and walkthrough on how to beat Adventurer’s Guild, Hunter’s End final mission “The Stronghold” in Dawn of Titans. This is the fourth and final but also the most hardest mission of the Adventurer’s Guild’s Hunters End campaign and in this post we will defeat this mission in front of your eyes. The total power index of the titan and all troops of this mission is 254070! It seems quite impossible to beat this mission but we will show you how a user has finally finished this level and the complete strategy he used for this mission.

dawn of titans the stronghold

We agree that you need to use some clever tactics to defeat this mission and a set of troops at particular level because the troops in this final mission are all at level 24 and 25. So they are really strong but using the strategy we are going to share in this post, you too can succeed in beating this mission and win the powerful 3 star Sardu titan as a reward! So let’s get started with this walkthrough.

dawn of titans hunters end final mission

Dawn of Titans “The Stronghold” Rewards

The rewards that you get for completing this hardest mission are – 30,000 gold, 15,000 food, 100 XP and 100 titan XP. Not only this, but you also get a 3 star Sardu titan after winning this level.

Recommended Titan & Troops Combination

The user who finished this mission had a Level 40 Flamehide Titan. At level 40 his Flamehide has a HP of 53411. So he is able to take on enough attacks on him. His troop consisted of 9 Grenadiers who were at level 13. Other than the above mentioned troop combination, also included are 4, level 12 Freeze spells and no Reinforcements. So his final power index becomes 83,710 and then he goes into the battle to defeat this 254070 power index opponent.

dawn of titans hunters end the stronghold

How To Beat The Stronghold Mission

You need to have a really strong and clever strategy in mind if you want to beat this mission. It is almost guaranteed that you won’t be able to win this mission on your first or seven second try. You will need to play this mission several times so that you get to know about the enemy placements and from where and when do they arrive to attack you. But luckily for you, that you can now beat this mission on your very first or at least second try by using the strategy mentioned below. We must appreciate the effort the user put into developing this strategy.

dawn of titans how to beat the stronghold

We are going to mention some key points of the strategy but you must watch the actual video below to completely understand and watch in real time as the user plays through the whole mission, beats the Sardu to win this level and at the same time keeps explaining his strategy like exactly what and why he does a particular thing in the battle.

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Complete Strategy & Walkthrough to Beat The Stronghold Mission

When the battle begins, you will see a wooden barrier blocking your advance. As soon as you go near it, a storm of opponents will attack you. So simply move only your Flamehide titan near the wooden barrier and instantly pull him back and let the grenadiers attack the incoming opponent troops. This way you will keep your titan safe and protect him from a lot of damage.

dawn of titans hunters end

After all the enemies are cleared, you need to enter the next adjacent area of the battlefield. There you are going to see another similar wooden barrier in your path which is going to explode and enemies will rush as soon as you go near it. You need to follow the same earlier strategy i.e. go slightly near to it and run back your titan as soon as the barrier explodes. But before doing this, make sure your grenadiers are not left much behind your titan. The grenadiers are slow in speed so make sure you stand your titan and let the grenadiers come near you so that the next incoming opponents will be in grenadiers’ range.

dawn of titans adventurers guild hunters end

I know that you are excited to watch the actual gameplay of the user beating this mission so instead of explaining the strategy here, it would be better to watch the video tutorial below. You will then be able to quickly and better understand the whole strategy. So below you can find the complete walkthrough gameplay of Dawn of Titans, Adventurer’s Guild>Hunter’s End>The Stronghold mission (mission 4/4).

dawn of titans sardu

Above is the screenshot of the user winning the 3 star Sardu titan after finishing this level. You can watch the complete video below.


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