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Dawn of Titans – How To Send Reinforcements (Donate Troops)

You love playing Dawn of Titans and want to reinforce your allies but don’t know how to donate troops? Well, you don’t need to look anywhere else because in this post we are going to show you how to donate troops in Dawn of Titans. Its quite easy to do so but you might not have figured out how to do that so in this post we are going to show you how you can easily reinforce your allies. Here is how to do it.

Why Should You Donate Troops In Dawn of Titans

When you donate troops or units to your alliance members, it is known as reinforcing your allies. Your allies can then take your donated troops to the battle which helps them against hard opponents.

You might be wondering why should you even care about that. Well, one of the reasons is that when you reinforce your allies, you will actually feel good by helping your alliance members. This way your allies will also help you when you request reinforcement from them. This way your alliance will become more stronger and you and all your allies will benefit from it.

Another major benefit of donating troops is that it earn you some free gems and gems are the main currency of this game. So lets see how you can donate troops in Dawn of Titans.

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How To Send Reinforcements In Dawn of Titans

Sending reinforcements is quite easy. Simply tap on the chat button (at the center left side of your main City). It will open up the chat window. Then switch to the “Alliance Chat” tab (the second icon at the bottom of the window, see the image below)

dawn of titans how to send reinforcements

There you can see all the reinforcement requests from your allies. Click on the “+” button and you will be presented with a new small window from where you can select the troops you want to send or donate. That’s it! you have successfully sent reinforcements to your allies.

dawn of titans how to donate troops

After you have donated the troops, you will be rewarded with some free gems.

dawn of titans reinforce your allies

So this is how you reinforce your allies in Dawn of Titans. You can watch the video tutorial below and see exactly how you can follow the above steps to donate troops.


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