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Dawn of Titans – How To Request & Use Reinforcements

In this post we are going to show you step by step, how to request reinforcement from your allies and then how to use or deploy these reinforcements in the battle. You must know these two simple but useful methods in Dawn of Titans because this can greatly help you in battle against hard opponents. Dawn of Titans Reinforcements can actually be a game changer for you because sometimes in the battles you get lost at the very end moment when you were about to win. These reinforcements can provide you that last moment boost and can turn the game in your favor. So lets see how reinforcements work in Dawn of Titans.

What Are Dawn of Titans Reinforcements

Reinforcements are units or troops like Panthers, Goliaths, Archers, Militia etc. that you can request from your allies or alliance members after you have joined an alliance. These reinforced troops can be helpful for you in battles, they are like additional troops for you.

dawn of titans how to request reinforcements

Your Alliance Camp level determines the number of troops you can request. If the level of the units that you get from your allies is lower, then you can hold more of these units while if you get much higher level units then you will hold less number of these.

You must also remember that these reinforcements can be used only once, so use them wisely. It doesn’t matters if these reinforcements survive or not in the battle. Means, if you went to the battle with these reinforced troops, you won’t be able to use them again, regardless of whether they survive or die in the battle or whether you win or lose. So in short, they are for one time use only.

How To Request Reinforcement

Requesting troops or reinforcements in Dawn of Titans is quite easy. You must have already joined an alliance to request it from your allies. Or if you have created an alliance and have enough members in it then you can request troops from them.

To request troops, simply tap on the “Alliance Camp” in your main City and then tap on “Request”. Then mention which type of troops you want, so that your allies can donate your required type of troops. After you have sent the request, it will appear in the “Alliance Chat” window where all your allies can see your request and send reinforcements to you.

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dawn of titans request troops

How To Use Reinforcements

After you have received your troops or units from your alliance members, you are now ready to use them in battles. Before using reinforcement in battles, you must first load them on the loading screen before you go to the battle. On the load-out screen, tap on the “Reinforcements” tab and then select the troops you want to use. Now you are ready to go in the battle with your received units.

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In the battlefield, you can see your loaded reinforced units in the bottom right corner. To use your reinforcement, simply tap on those troops and they will be deployed in the field. They can be identified in the battlefield with “+” symbol above them.

dawn of titans how to send reinforcements

So this is how you can request and use reinforcement in Dawn of Titans. You should load them wisely as they can be used only once. It is recommended to save them to use against hard opponents.

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