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Dawn of Titans – How To Increase Gold Storage (Tricks)

In Dawn of Titans, you must know about how to increase gold storage because gold is one of the two most important items in the game. Gold is needed for a lot of purposes in the game and that is why, the more gold you have in your storage, more you can use them in the game.

There are many ways to collect or farm gold in Dawn of Titans but there is no point of collecting lots and lots of gold if you don’t have enough capacity to store all the gold. So in this post we are going to show you how to increase gold capacity in Dawn of Titans.

How To Increase Gold Storage Capacity

There are two things which you need to take care of in order to increase your gold storage capacity in Dawn of Titans. These two are the only things which can help you store more gold, so lets check them out.

dawn of titans how to increase gold storage

1. Upgrade Your Gold Vault – As you might know that Gold Vault is the building that stores all your gold. So the best way to increase your gold storage capacity is to upgrade your Gold Vault. Higher the level of your Gold Vault, more gold you can store in them. But there are a few requirements to upgrade your Vault. You basically need to keep upgrading your Castle and also your Gold Mine (which produces gold) to upgrade the level of your Gold Vault. You can simply tap on your Vault in the City to check the requirements to upgrade your Vault’s level to next one. You can upgrade your Vault to a maximum level 23, at which point you can store 2835200 gold in it.

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dawn of titans increase gold capacity

2. Build More Gold Vault – As you keep upgrading your Castle, you will be able to build more Gold Vaults. So now you will have not just one but many Vaults to store your gold. This way when you keep building more Vaults and keep upgrading all of them, you will never feel shortage of gold storing capacity.

So this is how you can increase your gold storage capacity in Dawn of Titans. Make sure to subscribe us and visit everyday for new exciting trips and guides on Dawn of Titans.

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