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Clash Royale New Legendary Arena 11 Review + Hog Mountain

Today we’re looking at the new “Legendary Arena 11” in Clash Royale. The old legendary arena (Arena 10) at 3,000 trophies is now going to be called “Hog Mountain” and it is going to be the location of the new level 1 Heal spell that you can get from that location.

clash royale hog mountain

The new Legendary Arena 11 is super cool. The new legendary arena seems to be floating in outer space with some sort of gravity-defying dimension, which looks great and it gives Supercell a ton of freedom moving forward on the type of cards they can implement and the other things, the way that they can branch out and evolve the game.

clash royale arena 11

Since each arena has its own theme like the jungle has a dark goblin and the frozen peak has the ice golem, we can imagine that someday when they add a new legendary arena (maybe a higher trophy level probably about above 4,000 trophies), when they start adding cards to this legendary arena may be that will follow this theme, maybe there’ll be some really cool card we could get.

clash royale new legendary arena 11

I’m also really excited to see what other kind of cards they start adding to the “Hog mountain”. I know we have the level 1 Heal Spell is going to be added to it but i can i can only imagine that there’s gonna be something to do with hog rider, maybe a theme around that.

So now let’s look at this new arena from top to bottom. Moving from the top down to the bottom you’re going to see a waterfall coming down from the heavens and into the actual arena itself. You’ll also see some floating rocks around that waterfall as well. Moving down you’re going to see the bust of the kings with their respective crowns the blue and the red. The middle layer of the arena has the traditional stream or canal of water.

clash royale new arena 11 update

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This arena actually would have looked better in my opinion if you took the water away and you can see through the arena, maybe some more stars in the background, planet or something kind of giving us more of an idea of where this is actually located. Also, the water flowing horizontally through that canal doesn’t make any sense. If this arena is actually floating in space or is in the space, how is the water actually staying in this canal and flowing from right to left? It doesn’t makes any sense.

Unless the water is some sort of futuristic water which has some sort of magnetic attraction to the bottom of the canal that might be lined with some sort of magnets. Because if you have that perspective then how are the characters actually walking on this arena?

clash royale new legendary arena update

The obvious answer is Magic because the rocks are not floating because there’s no gravity. They are floating because of some sort of magic or something going around on the arena itself. We don’t actually know what is going on with this arena other than it looks like it’s in outer space or it has that night sky theme behind it, but it’s pretty cool.

Overall this theme is awesome. The arena looks great, the gold outline of the field in the arena is a crisp touch. You can see it on the left and the right side that by the tints of the stadium stands where the people are watching from. The new theme is beautiful and it’s going to give Supercell a great amount of freedom moving forward that I think will really help evolve the game even further.

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I’m really excited for this new update and all the new cards to drop. Its really exciting that they release common cards as much as they release legendaries and rares. Most games when they come out, a big downfall of most free to play games is they only tend to release like epics and rares and then make you pay to get them. The nice thing and I’ve always loved about Clash Royale is that they release just as many common cards and and rare cards and epic cards that are easier for you to acquire and still change the game to make the game feel fresh for everybody, no matter what your level, you are still going to have that feeling every update that something is changing or something is improving.

Let me know what you think about this new Arena 11 and the new name for the “Hog Mountain”. Do you guys like that name? Make sure to watch the video below for more information about the new Arena 11 in Clash Royale.


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