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Dawn of Titans Valwen Titan Review & Fusion

Today i want to introduce you to the Valwen who is our newest titan in Dawn of Titans. One of the things that i really like about her is her shield. Her shield is so freaking cool!  She has got some of the coolest armor that i have seen and i’m honestly a big fan of the human titans. So let’s look at her stats now.

dawn of titans valwen

She is a Paladin Titan. At level 1 she has 1321 health and 42 physical damage. She has got 20% Armor, 1% Armor Piercing and 1% Critical Damage. She also has 24% resistance to physical damage and no other types of resistance. She also has “Powerhouse” skill which is 24% titan resist against physical.

dawn of titans valwen titan

I’ve got a whole bunch of relics like Acid Ring, Ancile, Avalanche, Azure Helm, Backbiter, Boar Helm, Boar Spite and several others.  I am just thinking about which relic will be best for her. I wanted to do something to augment her resistance. So i had a “Hell Mask” relic which gives 8% Titan resist against physical.

dawn of titans new titan

If i equip this relic with her, that’s gonna take her resistance to 32% resistance against physical. So it will help her stats just a little bit but that’s still not a lot. But i will equip her with this relic for now.

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I now wanted to upgrade her level at bit so i went to titan fusion and searched for any other paladin type titans to fuse with my Valwen. I found only two 1 star Alina titans who are paladins, so i am going to fuse these two titans and see if it unlocks any more slots for her. I was a little short on food so i purchased the required amount of foods using my 7 gems and went ahead to fuse my Valwen titan (I had plenty of food but i used those to make more grenadiers troops).

dawn of titans valwen stats

So after the fusion, my 3 Star Valwen titan was upgraded to level 3, her current skill “Powerhouse” is upgraded but no additional slots were unlocked. So with that fusion let’s look at her stats now.

dawn of titans valwen upgrade

Her stats now reads as 1569 total health, 51 damage, 30% armor, 3% armor piercing, 3% Critical Damage and 40-percent resistance right now with the relic. The Powerhouse skill now gives 32% titan resist against physical. Now let’s go ahead and let’s start with some attacks!

dawn of titans paladin titan

As my Valwen is not much powerful yet so i have chosen an almost similar level opponent, loaded my troops with all grenadiers and went into battle field. You can watch the complete video version of this post and the gameplay of my 3 Star Level 3 Valwen Titan in action in the video below.


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