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Dawn of Titans Adventurer’s Guild – Hunter’s End (Walkthrough & Tips)

We are back with a new post on Dawn of Titans. For the past several days we have been posting stuffs from some of the best and recently released games but now we are back to Dawn of Titans again. In this post you are going to see us playing Dawn of Titans Adventurer’s Guild’s third and final campaign which is Hunter’s End.

Dawn of Titans Adventurer’s Guild Hunter’s End

The “Dawn of Titans Adventurer’s Guild – Hunter’s End” title screen says “The leader of the Rangers prepares for a final showdown”. To play this third and final campaign in the Adventurer’s Guild , you need to first complete the previous campaign which is “War of Thorns”. You can check out our post Adventurer’s Guild War of Thorns guide. The reward for completing the Hunter’s End campaign in a “Sardu” titan.

dawn of titans hunters end

There are a total of 4 missions in this final campaign. The Mission 1 is titled “Into The Wild” and it’s entry screen says “The Way seems to be clear to confront Sardu, the Ranger’s leader”

The rewards for completing the first mission of Hunter’s End campaign are 23,000 gold, 7,000 food, 100 XP and 100 titan XP or experience points.

dawn of titans adventurers guild

The total power of enemies for this missions 1 is 45,345 The opponent titan is Tolland who is at level 7 and the troop consists of all level 14 and 15 archers, spearmen and others.

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adventurers guild dawn of titans

Titan & Troop Combination For Hunter’s End – Mission 1

I have selected my level 30 Coria titan for this mission. As for the troop combination, i have selected 4 Archers and 4 Grenadiers. I have also loaded the Fireball ,Freeze and Poison Cloud spells and now jumped into the battle.

hunters end dawn of titans

Below is how the battlefield looks like for this mission 1 of the Hunter’s End campaign.

dawn of titans adventurers guild hunters end

So now what is my troop placements? Did i won this battle or i lost it? You can know about all of this and watch the full action in the video below. This is the first time i have played in this mission and it’s really interesting to see how i actually fought with the opponent. So make sure you watch the video below and also don’t forget to share this post with your friends using the social media buttons below the video.

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