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Dawn of Titans 4 Star Sulzar Titan Review & Upgrade

Welcome back to a new post on Dawn of Titans. I did get a 4 Star Sulzar Titan just a few minutes ago and in this post i am going to review my Sulzar titan and also going to upgrade him immensely using titan fusion. He has got a really really cool looking armor and of course a flaming bow on which you can see the little flames. Plus he has got some blades on his bow as well which hopefully helps him in melee because archers are not very good at melee combat. I also love the colorfulness on his armor. The mask he is wearing is super super cool as well.

dawn of titans sulzar

So we’re going to go ahead and look at Sulzar’s stats now. I’m really excited about this titan. So let’s see what his ability is and what we can do with them. So at level 1 he’s got 1296 healthy and 4 fire damage.

sulzar dawn of titans

His first ability or skill is called “Explosive Aura” which is 12% Grenadiers critical. He’s a ranger Titan, and as previously mentioned, at level 1 he has 1296 health and 4 fire damage which i think is a melee damage. 5% armor, 30% armor piercing and 5% critical damage. There are no resistances.

Ok guys let’s go ahead and get our fusion on here and see how far we can take this titan. Okay so we’re gonna go ahead and put all the one stars in here to fuse. But as soon as I added one 1 Star to the fusion, it’s giving me a chance for unlocking a skill or a relic and the more that I add it’s not really helping me out any. But it will help me gain him more experience so we’re going to go ahead and fuse these four 1 star titans knowing that it’s going to give us a chance for that first skill.

dawn of titans sulzar titan

After the first fusion, we got him up to level 3, “Explosive Aura”skill got upgraded but nothing else got unlocked. His first skill is now 20% grenadiers critical (which was just 12% earlier). I still had one more 1 Star titan so i went ahead and fused again using him.

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dawn of titans sulzar review

So this time we got Sulzar to level 4, Explosive Aura skill got upgraded again and is now 22% grenadiers critical but still no new skills unlocked yet.

So now i went ahead and this time i threw my level 9 Toran Titan in there to fuse. Together with him, i added another three 2 star titans. So now i am going to fuse four 2 star titans to upgrade my 4 Star Sulzar titan and see what do we get now.

dawn of titans new titans

Now we got him to level 6, a new relic slot is unlocked and the explosive aura skill is upgraded further. The skill is now 30% grenadiers critical. I’m really going to try to get this 4 star Sulzar to be my main attacker because i really like the way that he buffs up grenadiers and i think at a high level he’s going to be really hard not to attack with on.

So for the final fusion on Sulzar, i chose my 3 star Wulfric titan, 3 star Kazut and 3 star Kormak Titan. This is going to be really costly because this time i am going to choose all my 3 star titans, so let’s see how far do we go now.

dawn of titans ranger titan

This time Sulzar reached level 9, one more relic slot is unlocked and nothing else! No new skills unlocked still. I have no more titans to fuse now so now i am going to take my 4 star, level 9 Sulzar titan into battle. I found an enemy with 5880 power. I have loaded my troop with all grenadiers and added 1 fireball spell and going to battle now.

Watch the video below to see the 4 star (level 9) Sulzar titan in action and also all the above mentioned fusions performed on him.

Currently the Sulzar is level 9 out of 50 but i am not going to stop here and am going to upgrade him even further in the coming times. Hopefully he will be my best and the most powerful titan in the game.


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