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Clash Royale – Graveyard Level 4 In Action!

Welcome back to a new post on Clash Royale. We are really excited to bring you this post because now we are going to show you gameplay of a level 4 Graveyard Card in Clash Royale. If you have your own graveyard card and you want it to upgrade to level 4 then it is going to take you lots of gold or real money to upgrade your card to level 4. But the good news is that you don’t need to wait so long or spend so much money to see such a higher level graveyard card in action because we bring you this video where the gamer has upgraded his card and is showing you by playing with this level 4 card.

clash royale graveyard upgrade

The guy luckily got this card in the shop so he went ahead and purchased it from there. After that he even upgraded the card to level 4, just amazing! He then goes ahead and participates in 3 battles and shows the power of a level 4 graveyard card in Clash Royale.

clash royale graveyard level 5


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The deck used, consists of cards like Giant, skeleton army, zap card, furnace and others. Watch the screenshot below for the full deck used.

clash royale graveyard levels

and here is the video where you can see a graveyard level 4 card in action in 3 consecutive battles in Clash Royale.



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